Why CTI?

Small Business Solutions

As a small business operator you understand the potential that technology can add to your operation. Choosing the right service provider comes first. We have helped hundreds of small businesses in Colorado that have no IT staff or a small IT staff.

Companies with no IT staff

Transparently manage your network and PCs on a routine basis and to immediately respond on an as-needed basis
Committed to keeping your business running smoothly
Same level of support for a fraction of the cost of full-time IT staff
Wider range of technical experience, faster response time, and a more disciplined IT approach
Plans tailored to meet your needs at higher service levels

Companies with small IT staffs

Accelerate implementation of new technology areas such as cloud computing, security compliance, and virtualization where we already have expertise
Add new IT capabilities without adding full-time personnel
Off-load the day-to-day IT burdens from your IT staff
Reduce IT budget using our hosted solutions
Increase data redundancy and reduce downtime with off-site backups
Plans tailored to meet your needs at higher service levels

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Our Business Philosophy

Through our business-minded approach to IT and the many advantages we bring to the table, we want to be your long-term IT partner of choice.

Strategic Partnerships & Vendors

Our knowledgeable, highly trained team of subject matter experts stay on top of the latest innovations and core critical applications to ensure that you receive the highest level of support and expertise.